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OhFacts | April 18, 2014

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Signs You Might Be In The Friend Zone

March 31, 2014 |

10) She Says You’re The Type She’d Marry

For whatever reason, marriage and dating just don’t seem to mix for some people. She said she’d marry you, cool. But that doesn’t always mean she’d date you NOW. Once you hear … Read More

Terrible (But Hilarious) Gym Fails

March 30, 2014 |

10) Oh, That Looks Sturdy Enough…

Less of an actual gym fail and more of a homemade blunder. Chewing gum and melted chocolate do not make for good adhesives for door frame pull-up bars. Also, never test out the steadiness … Read More

You Know You’re A College Student When…

March 30, 2014 |

10) Dance Music

Though you had no idea what EDM (or electronic dance music) was a couple years ago, you now know all the words to that one Crystal Castles song that has played at every single party you’ve attended … Read More

Incredibly Creative Billboard Ads

March 30, 2014 |

10) Mars Chilled: Tongue

This is a really nice and creative way to implement two billboards to help get your message across. Seems it was inspired by A Christmas Story. The lip on the left billboard actually looks 3D and … Read More